Rizki Syaputra


I have graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering at 22 December 2014. I enrolled in the Computer Networks and Digital Media Engineering Major in ITB. During study I learned many computer programs and networks. I learned about C, C++, Java, Android, Database MySQL, SQL Server, PHP, etc. Since my third year as an undergraduate student, I only focused in mobile development, exactly in Java for Android Program. Because I want to create many android applications that are useful for others in the field of education.

My Final Project as an undergraduate student was a research done in a group of three about Make Application Tourism Indonesia. In my team I was responsible to create android application. I make it using java program and eclipse, because Android Studio at that time did not exist. With this application we can know more information about tourism places in Indonesia. I used Google Maps API, Google Place API and GPS to know about location of Tourism Places.

After graduated from my bachelor degree, I joined with Mobile Development Company in Jakarta, that name is IMASTUDIO (Indonesia Mobile App-Academy Studio) since December 2014 until now. I learned many things about android and google technology. I also joined the community of google developer Indonesia and also Indonesia Android Kejar.


SMK Pagaruyung Batusangkar, Politeknik Negeri Padang, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Current)


Master Degree (On going)


Mobile Developer